About ASMA

ASMA is a research initiative, it empowers academic institutes to optimize the usage of social media tools in achieving multiple objectives of institution building such as admissions, placements, promotion, branding, academics, industry interface, alumni relationship and campus live.

Globally, academia has adopted Social Media as one of the important strategies as part of their overall branding, marketing, and communication strategy. In India, social media adoption in academia is in its early stage. We at ASMA provide latest trends affecting Social Media and help educational institutes to formulate and adopt Social Media Strategies based on the latest insights, digital strategy framework, and recommendations.


Social Media has changed the way academic institutes interact to their stakeholders. The comparative status of India in adaptation of social media in international academic community is not that encouraging. Therefore, the study attempted to analyze the social media adaptation in academic institutions is of importance to all academic institutes. The study aims at providing excellent insight to institutes on social media strategy. It also provides ready to use framework for the social media strategy of academic institutions.

Who will use ASMA?

The ASMA users will encompass higher education institutes in India who has or hasn’t adopted social media. ASMA will capture the social media habits of various stakeholders of the institute, e.g.

Why adopt ASMA?

The ASMA framework will enhance internal knowledge and confidence to implement social media strategies. The institutes already on social media can revisit their strategies and make them more effective. The institutes which are new to the social media can plan the social media strategies in an effective way based on benchmarks provided in the ASMA report. The colleges adopting the ASMA framework can themselves become profit centers for business consultancy excelling in social media adoption.

ASMA Rankings

ASMA ranking is designed to rank the academic institutes in various categories and domains. The participating institutes are ranked on the basis of the extent of social media adaptation to meet their institutional objectives such as admissions, placement, industry interface etc. The ranking questionnaire covers many innovative facets of social media adaptation and usage in institution building. The weightage is allotted and the ranking is published and the top rankers are called for an ASMA award function.

What is ASMA?

ASMA is a framework for the academia which helps them to formulate their own social media strategy. The framework is developed based on extensive knowledge gained through research on national and international adoption of social media by academia. It provides a ready to use model of what works best for academia when it comes to using a social media platform. The ASMA framework provides an industry benchmark for the academia to follow while adopting social media strategy to meet their social media objectives and increase the brand value

Where to implement?

ASMA can be used to efficiently carrying out various activities:

ASMA Framework

The ASMA framework is an industry benchmark for academia to follow while adopting social media. It is a repository of winning strategies and best practices followed by academia to meet various business objectives at all functional levels. The framework has been established on the basis of extensive secondary as well as primary research on social media adoption by institutes at all levels

ASMA Future Plan

After recognizing the best work which is being carried out by the participating institutions in various measuring categories, ASMA will expand the scope of their study in the subsequent releases by including other areas like whole digital marketing. The feedback which is received from this survey will guide us to determine the future scope of study and bring insights about the innovative usage of social media in Indian institutes