Introduction to ASMA
April 23, 2016
Transformation Using Social Media
Transformation Using Social Media
May 3, 2016
Social And Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media has rapidly become an integral part of everyone’s lives. This holds true even for a product’s or service’s life cycle. From creating a pre-launch buzz, to the launch itself, to selling the product to customer service – all elements now reside firmly within social media. This has been largely due to the growing power of the medium. Facebook’s user base has grown at a CAGR of 42% since 2008 and now stands at 1.65bn. LinkedIn has 433mn registered users offering a category of people who are distinct from say a Facebook. These are just the two most popular mediums; there are many others who collectively offer an equally compelling reach for any marketer.

Despite the setback due to the 2008 financial crisis, the MBA program has seen a steadily growing interest among recruiters as well as prospective students. Given the need for mass connect, it was only a natural progression for B-schools to evolve a social media strategy of their own. Targeted marketing has become all the more imperative due to the increasing differentiation among B-school programs, apart from the general proliferation of B-schools in the last few years. Finding ways to stand out and get noticed while pitching to the largest possible student base in a targeted manner.

ASMA empowers academic institutes to optimize the usage of social media tools in achieving multiple objectives of institution building such as admissions, placements, promotion, branding, academics, industry interface, alumni relationship and campus live.