AIM - ASMA Digital Transformation Index

Why Digital Transformation Index

Digital Transformation is indispensable for every institute and university across world. There are 39000+ Institutes and 900+ Universities in India and only 12% out of them have implemented digital technologies.
That’s why Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA), in collaboration with Academia of Indian Marketing(AIM) is working on Digital Transformation Index to identify, understand, analyse the current stage of digital adoption in institute or university, and provide recommendations and strategies to implement digital transformation.

Who can be benefited?

  • Vocational Institutes
  • Under-Graduate Institute and Universities
  • Post -Graduate Institute and University
  • Executive/PhD

How Does it Work?

It works on IUAR Model, which includes identifying, understanding, Analysing and Recommending the level of digital adoption in terms of infrastructure, resources, and information in institutes and universities across world.



Degree of digital adoption is at lower point range.



Degree of digital adoption is at average point range.



Degree of digital adoption is at maximum point range.

How It will benefit Academia?

  • Checks and balance over digital journey, identifying lower point areas.
  • Implementation of best practices for sustainable process, resources and infrastructure
  • Strengthening of Institution Digitally inclusion of specific digital technologies.
  • Bridging industry and academia skills gap, inclusion of relevant course content for curriculum 4.0.
  • Future strategies to adopt digital transformation.