Dr. Samir N. Karkhanis

Dr Samir Karkhanis is the CEO & Founder of the Global Edtech Startup Yangpoo  Education. In the last couple of years, Dr. Samir & his companies major work evolves around helping corporates to identify their learning needs, goals & deliver programs for their workforce, ranging from C-Suite Executives and CXOs to entry-level teams.
Before starting his entrepreneurship journey in 2017 Dr. Samir has gained rich corporate experience with leading  Fortune 50 companies organizations like ExxonMobil, Fosters Brewing Group, General Electrics & his last corporate job was Chief Marketing Officer of WeSchool.

Dr. Samir is a sought-after thought leader, speaker, resource for University Founders &  CEOs of companies who need help to build  21st Century Skills &  strategies to remain relevant in the ever-changing world.

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