Dr. Sarada Chandrasekaran

Dr Sarada Chandrasekaran, Academic Director, Whitefield Global School, Bangalore, holds almost 4 decades of experience in the field of education and more than 30 years as Principal and Director in premier institutions.

She has an MA, BEd, and MPhil, and also a Certificate in Entre MBA from ISB. She also holds an Honorary Doctorate in Ethical Learning.

During her professional career, Dr Chandrasekaran has germinated, articulated, created, designed and developed, implemented, maintained and very successfully managed the entire gamut of CBSE and State Board syllabi schools across the country.

Dr Chandrasekaran is a CBSE CoE resource person for ‘Upholding Ethics and Integrity & Social Studies’.

During her tenure and under her tutelage, her institutions have received several national and international awards in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, in addition to awards in academic excellence.

She is also known in academic circles for inculcating and practising innovative and creative methods of teaching.

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