Dr. Swati Lodha, Director, MET Institute of Management.ย She is also an educationist and motivational guru with a passionate interest in leadership and parenting.

Lodha has been a Dean of many business schools in Rajasthan and Mumbai. She started her first entrepreneurial venture โ€˜Swashโ€™ when she was 21.

Her famous parenting books โ€˜54 Reasons Why Parents Suckโ€™ and โ€˜Donโ€™t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourselfโ€™ have been Amazon bestsellers. Her corporate initiative โ€˜Life Lemonadeโ€™ offers workshops for corporates about behaviour design, authentic leadership, parenting and excellence.

Her latest book, a biography will soon be adapted into a film by John Abrahamโ€™s production house.

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