ASMA round table conference/initiative is intended to provide and build a platform for knowledge sharing and learning in order to focus on the most important aspect of change in 21st century i.e. “Digital Transformation in Academia”. This round table is one of the unique initiative to bring academia and related stakeholders along with the industry experts in digital space. These round table wishes to play the role of catalyst in bringing the smooth flow of knowledge and learning, during the journey of transformation in academia and related industry.

In order to reach the stakeholders across the country, ASMA round table wish to conduct events at multiple location and look forward to collaborate with various stakeholders in those locations. The previous round tables conducted by ASMA has been successful and well regarded by the academia and related stakeholders. We wish to take this journey ahead in order to emphasize and create a community focusing upon digital transformation to achieve the objective of “Awareness, Learning, Drafting and Execution” in the field of academia and the support of digital technology in their transformation and institution building.

Dr Bidyanand Jha