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Key Findings - 5th ASMA India Trends Study

The digital technology is not just a tool for institutes but a voice for students that may not be heard before, thereby majority of them find social media, a voice to get institute’s information, to get placements exposures and to connect with alumni in order to get admission into right higher education institute.

Through our research, we have also found solutions to the following challenges:

  • What are the most credible channels that students consider for these pieces of information?
  • How do they access to these channels?
  • How much time do they spend on each social media channel?

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The strength of each element of corporate relations within integrated social media channels usually defines success. Therefore, basic questions asked are still the same, but answers to these questions contribute to overall success and brand building.

  • What are the top companies where students want to work for?
  • What are the top qualities recruiter look when considering an employee via social media profiling?
  • How does the institute look for corporates and create impressions about them?

Even with strong integration and an inspiring social media marketing can still fail to engage, if they don’t find relevant answers.

Through our research, we have also found solutions to the following challenges:

  • How social recruitments are growing on social channels to get the right talent?
  • How can institutes draw attention during social recruitments?

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A vast alumni network can also help to redefine institute’s development process because it's possible to feel one’s quality through their alumni’s work exposure in corporate. This may be an easier starting point for institute when connecting with students. Why it is important?

  • Admission
  • Career Advancement
  • Fundraising
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Placements
  • Events and Networking

Out of our survey, the majority of institutes find it difficult to build an alumni network within stipulated time due to lack of digital infrastructure and strategies.

Through our research, we have also found solutions to the following challenges:

  • What are the best strategies and practices to improve upon existing network?
  • How to develop a new network in order to get the right exposure for institute’s alumni networking?

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Indian higher education system is going through an unprecedented transformation over the past few years. Out of our survey, majority of faculties are using social media for academic purposes including student engagement, online educations, group research and instructional design.

How these objectives can be achieved is also important. Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are the most popular social media platforms for accomplishing these objectives.

Through our research, we have also found solutions to the following challenges:

  • How can these channels be synchronized?
  • What should be the content strategies for these channels?

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  • Student Learning
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Setting up a formalized relation on education basis, developing co-operation with foreign universities and bodies to get foreign students and foreign exchange for domestic students are most critical.

Creation of a strong brand image is a must. Such brand image can be created when the right information is being delivered at right time at the right stage of student lifecycle.

Through our research, we have also found solutions to the following challenges:

  • What are the top 10 ways to build international relations with digital marketing?
  • What are the six stages of student lifecycle from thinking to enrolling for higher education?

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In the competitive world, it is the on-going practice to measures what we deliver. So, maintaining and analyzing Institute’s presence is important because a consistent digital presence across channels means you will have a better chance of building actual equity among your target audience.

  • How will you measure?
  • What are the parameters should be taken into consideration?
  • Why does an institute need a social media audit?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How effective it will be?
  • What is the process?

Through our research, we have also found solutions to the following challenges:

  • The parameters with a sustainable audit model developed by industry experts that fit across all channels
  • What are the cost-effective digital solutions for academia to prepare and adopt future trends in higher education?

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