Dr Vikas Daryal

Dr Vikas Daryal is Director of Tilak Raj Chadha Institute of Management & Technology.

He has a BSc with Chemistry, Zoology & Botony from Kurukshetra University, an MBA, with Major Specialization in Marketing and Minor Specialization in Finance, from Haryana Business School, an MTA from Kurukshetra University and a PhD from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.

Dr Daryal has been associated with Tilak Raj Chadha Institute of Management & Technology since 1999 where he has taught Marketing and other Management subjects, with special focus on Services Marketing, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Export Management.

He has also been involved in taking care of placement and training activities, training junior faculty and liaising with the industry.

Dr Daryal also serves as Executive Editor of the International Journal of IT and Knowledge Management.

He has published numerous journals and has participated in many national and international conferences and seminars.

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