Prof Birgitte Andersen

Professor Birgitte Andersen is CEO of Big Innovation Centre, a London based think-tank and innovation hub that promotes open innovation via challenge-led taskforces, All-Party groups in UK Parliament on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

She advises economists and policymakers of national governments in and beyond Europe including OECD, UN and WIPO; and large firms, and serves as an expert defence witness in the UK courts on matters of IP use on the Internet.

Professor Birgitte Andersen is PhD and MSc in Economics from the University of Reading (UK), and MA and BA from the University of Aalborg (DK).

Being an entrepreneur and international expert in business model innovation, Intellectual Property governance and the weightless and ‘smart’ knowledge economy, she is called in by the media and her work is published in renowned academic journals and highlighted in government reports.

During the internet boom, Prof Andersen launched and ran probably UK’s biggest interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes on E-Commerce at the University of London, where she holds the title Professor of Economics and Management of Innovation.

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