Jeet Marwadi, Director of Marwadi University, is a transformational leader and strategic thinker constantly engaged in navigating the university to acclaim new heights.

Working as a design practitioner with a degree in Economics from Loyola Marymount University, he uses systems thinking, design thinking, innovation and disruption as a means to drive change in the world of education.

He has been an influential advocate of innovation at the grassroots level and is committed to nurturing start-ups aimed at meeting the diverse need of society.

Marwadi has made an enormous contribution to the field of entrepreneurship development providing breakthrough results.

He emphasises innovative thinking and creative leadership because the future belongs to leaders who are passionate and forward-thinking, with 21st-century leadership skills to overcome the challenges of a changing world.

As a change agent and advocate, he believes in marshalling conscience and placing people in the centre of the global corporate, political, and socio-economic realm.

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