Jayshree Nair

Jayshree Nair, Principal, Brighton International School is an educator, mentor, teacher and administrator with a solid work experience of 27 years.

She graduated from Regional College of Education, Bhopal and also possesses a Masters Degree in English, Economics, Education and Business Administration.

She is a dynamic and creative teacher, committed to learning and the students’ progress, who searches to motivate human values and to develop basic abilities like working in a group and making decisions.

She is also a goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities, organized, highly motivated, and a problem solver. She is very passionate about her work and likes being responsible, collaborating and making a good team.

Throughout her career as a professional, she has displayed a great level of perseverance and patience with a higher sense of responsibility and a positive attitude. As an educationist, she is an effective communicator with excellent team building & management skills.

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