Top 50 EduTech Tools In Higher Education 2019

Your exclusive guide on Best-In-Class EduTech tools for academia

Top 50 EduTech

For Decision Makers

Out of 3500+ EdTech startups and 4000+ EdTech tools available in the market, it is difficult for decision-makers to identify the right tools for their institute or university.

  • Why are EduTech tools important for institutes and universities?
  • How to identify the right tools for your institute or university?

What’s Inside The Report?

Get in-depth insights on global EdTech landscape, growth and future perspective of EdTech in India Higher Education.

  • Global EdTech analysis by key economic indicators and regions
  • EdTech Landscape in Indian Higher Education Industry
  • Scope of AI, VR, AR, Blockchain, and Cloud technologies on Indian Higher Education
  • Detailed breakdown of EdTech Startups by regions and segmentations
  • Exclusive assessments and ratings of Top 50 EduTech Tools for Higher Education
  • Expert Articles and Case Studies from IIMs, Google, Microsoft and more.
Top 50 EduTech

India EdTech Market Is Expected To Reach USD 30.8 Billion By 2025 With A CAGR Of 42.5%

As a decision maker of an education industry, you must be aware that India is leading the EdTech revolution in the 21st century and reasons are cultural transformation, increasing education demand and advanced technologies.

  • Indian Higher Education industry currently valued at USD 19.17 Billion and is expected to reach USD 53.03 Billion by 2025.
  • Indian had 36.64 million students enrolled in Higher Education in 2017-18 and expected to reach to 40.23 million by 2021
  • By 2025, demand for technology-based skills will have a 20% annual growth, creating 2 million jobs.
  • By 2025, 47% of Institutes will be using AI in enrolment and 38% institutes will have digital assessment system.
Top 50 EduTech

Emerging Technologies Featured In The Report

Top 50 EduTech

Artificial intelligence

AI systems are being developed for learning profile development of students based on their ability, mode of learning and experience.

Top 50 EduTech

Machine Learning

The demand for machine learning will increase in higher education from 11% in 2018 to 36% in 2022.

Top 50 EduTech

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality apps are being used to study human body in 4D. The market is expected to generate revenue of USD 1Mn in 2019-20

Top 50 EduTech

Augmented Reality

Faculty and students can scan a static image of a machine to see a 3D working model for the same.

Top 50 EduTech

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain industry in education is estimated to be worth between USD 4.6 trillion and USD 6 trillion by 2030.

Top 50 EduTech

Cloud Technology

On demand computing resources such as SaaS have a proven model of success in higher education and research

50 EduTech Tools Featured Across Six Domains of Higher Education

Top 50 EduTech

Admission Management

Top 50 EduTech

Campus Placement Management

Top 50 EduTech

Institute Operations Management

Top 50 EduTech

Alumni Management

Top 50 EduTech

Library Management

Top 50 EduTech

Learning Management

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