AICTE Announced National Student Paryawaran Competition for Students to Create a “Green and Safe Planet”


AICTE recently announced plans to organise a National Student Paryawaran Competition in order to promote conservation and protection of the environment.

It is a well-established fact worldwide that concerted efforts are required for climate control to avoid further degeneration which may result in irreversible consequences.  The country’s present and future generations are the Torch bearers to take up cudgels against the onslaught of damage  being perpetuated to our environment.

PARYAVARAN SANRAKSHAN GATIVIDHI (PSC) a Nationwide organization actively involved in promoting conservation and protection  of environment,  with the support  of Ministry of Environment’  Forest & climate  change,  New Delhi is organizing  National  Students Paryawaran Competition from  1st July, 2023  to 21st August, 2023 students.

The objective of this competition is to create awareness amongst  students  to comprehend  in-depth  the complexity  of the looming  dangers  of uncontrolled climate devastation. The participating students would acquire practical knowledge, on the job skills, competency, and a positive attitude to confront environmental challenges and  their mitigation  with proactive and enthusiastic  participation  to create  a “Green  and  Safe planet,,.

All the students are invited to participate in the National STUDENTS PARYAVARAN COMPETITION (NSPC).

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