Research Publication

Role of Content Marketing
in Transforming of a
Lead to Sale

A. Jaikumar and B.V. Sandhya Bala

Harnessing Power of
Digital and Analytics for
Agriculture Sector in Indian Markets

Indira Priyadarsini Jagiripu and Dr. Preeti Sharma

Digitalization and
Collaborative Learning
: Some Reflections

Prof. A. Jagan Mohan Reddy and Dr. Ridhi Rani

Innovation in the
Medium of Product

Adarsh Somani, Dr. Swati Oberoi Dham and Dr. Pratika Mishra

Achieving Customer Excellence
through IoT Enabled Customer
Service: An Empirical Validation
of Connected Customer Concept

Samir Yerpude and Dr. Tarun Kumar Singhal

A Study on Customers
Perception about Digital
Marketing Practices in
Bollywood Movies

Nilesh Anute and Dr. Devyani Ingale

A Case Study on NPA Management &
Loan Recovery Strategy of Axis Bank,
Post the Demonetisation: An
Application of the McKinsey 7S Model

Robin Thomas

Emergence of E-Catering
Services Revolutionizing the
Indian Railways: A Study on the
IRCTC E-Catering Services (East Zone)

Madhurima Basu and Kumkum Mukherjee

A Bird’s Eye
View on
Internet of Things

K. Chandra Sekhara Rao

E-learning-virtual Learning
Environment and Learning
Style Preferences in India

Dr. K. Bhavana Raj and Dr. Srinivas Kolachina

Impact of E-Commerce
on MSMEs in India

Venkata Vara Prasad Janjanam1 and Dr. A.V.V.S. Subbalakshmi2

Artificial Intelligence
and Consumer Durable

M.V. Benjamin, Rohit Mathur and Philip Abraham

Big Data: Data
Never Sleeps: The
Changing Shape of Marketing

Akshita Chauhan and Pritom Routh

: Realizing Vision

Damini Mota and Anshul Dwivedi

Use of Gamification
to Achieve Real-World
Business Goals

Arun Kanade and Saurabh Dharkar

Social Media
: An Innovative
Marketing Tool

Shristi Agarwal

Application of Sentiment
Analysis and Text
Visualization to Explore
Customer Feedback

Preeti Sharma and Promita Shakya

The Negative Search
: A Simple Way to
Capture New Avenues
in Sales

Sanidh Patil and Liza Pathak

Yash Raj Films
: From Print to
Digital Platform

Neha Agarwal and Pooja Agarwal

Leverage of E-Marketing
: A Case Study of
Reliance Jio

Dr. Kasturi Padmaja and Dr. Patrick Antony

Gamification and Employee
Engagement: Theoretical
Review on the Role of HR

Dr. Naval Lawande, Rashmita Mohile and Sagarika Datta

HR Transformation through
Artificial Intelligence

Kandukuri Veena and D.P. Sharma

Impact of Digitalisation on
Transmission and Distribution
in Power Sector: An Insight

Umakanta Panda and A. Ramchandra Aryasri

Big Data: Survey,
Technologies, Opportunities
and Challenges

Dr. Kamal Gulati and Shantanu P. Chakraborty

E-learning: Organizational

Munmun Goswami

Security in Social
Media: Risk and
Human Rights

Dr. K. Bhavana Raj and Dr. Srinivas Kolachina

Bitcoin: An Innovative
Alternative Digital Currency
: An Exploratory Study

Shilpa Naresh Agarkar

Study on Techniques to

Himanshee Singh

The Impact of Utilitarian
and Hedonic Value on
Online Shopping Behavior

Dipali Kale

Data Analytics and its
Role in Human Resource

Sweta Anand and Utsav Kar

Competitive Advantage for Business Organizations using Cloud Business Intelligence: A Case of Retail Industry in India

Pavitra Sirolikar and Sudhin Haridas

Impact of Animation and Gamification as a Combined Learning Tool vs. Traditional Learning Tools on Retention and Recalling

Bhagyashree Borbora and Dr. Suruchi Pandey

Evolving Business Constituencies with an Interdependent Relation of Digital Advancement: Innovation and Transformation

Gaurav Chawla, Shahnavaz Kaliwala and Shubham Sovasaria

Opportunity in the Era of
Paradigmatic Shifts in Industry,
Education and Demography

Krishna Kumar Narayanan

Gentle Pogrom of the
Art of Film-Making,
A Prima Facie

B. Sunil and Saurav Samal