Guidelines for multidisciplinary higher education drafted by UGC


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has planned the draft rules illustrating its arrangement to empower the development of multidisciplinary education organizations that will offer a different scope of subjects.

Whenever the rules are endorsed, a double degree from IIT Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University will turn into an unmistakable chance, as per UGC administrator M Jagadesh Kumar.

The ‘Draft Guidelines for Transforming Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) into Multidisciplinary Institutions‘ is in accordance with the National Education Policy, 2020, which has imagined somewhere around one huge multidisciplinary education foundation in or close to each locale by 2030.

As the draft is supported as a true arrangement, advanced education foundations will have different ways of taking on a multidisciplinary nature. Colleges affiliated with universities can hoist their status to that of degree-granting independent universities by offering multidisciplinary training. Second, schools or colleges will have the choice of teaming up to offer double degrees.

As indicated by the draft rules, once conceded, students will actually want to finish the principal degree at the host foundation and the second degree at the collaborating establishment without going through the confirmation interaction once more.

With the country’s advanced education establishments missing out in world rankings because of their single-stream nature, as indicated by Kumar, the draft additionally calls attention to the “weakening or restricting impact on the development of exploration and development” as schools are partnered to colleges that plan the schedules, lead assessments and grant degrees.

The rules have offered schools the choice of shaping “clusters” to beat institutional shortcomings frustrating their entrance into the field of multidisciplinary education.