How AI is Changing The Face of The Education Industry


Introduction : Purpose of AI

With the growing complexity in teaching and learning, the multiplicity of tasks has increased. Teachers have been over equipped with creating, modifying and regenerating assignments even after working hours. They simply need an unimaginable 26 hours a day to complete the tasks they were overburdened    with! Over a period of time, it was realized that there was a requirement of shift towards automation to increase productivity.

The world is heading towards digitization, AI is a technological advancement that has resolved the above inefficiencies and helped us humans to be very familiar with computers and handling complex decision making through machine intelligence. It has revolutionized the world by making it simpler to connect with people across the globe and learn a variety of topics related to finance, marketing, business, social media, advertising and also agriculture.In addition to these, the education sector has largely flourished because of quick responses in systems and teaching experience with AI.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, classroom management, lesson planning, tests preparation, grading and assessment felt easier. Both teachers and students benefited from AI. Paperwork was automated and teachers could focus on learner engagement, reflecting ease of work for them. By using augmented tools and simulation, students were exposed to a wider system of interacting with their teachers post the extravagant use of technology in online materials across the globe.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence means that whatever processes a human brain performs diligently, can be processed through machines reducing the need for human functioning. Machines receive information, analyze it and use insights to deliver decisions. It works on the concept of natural language processing and deep  learning. Artificial Intelligence includes expert systems, face and speech recognition and machine vision.

Why AI in Education?

With pre-existing knowledge that is fed into the data systems of machines, AI is able to weigh learning styles and deliver customized information to its end users. It has significantly given rise to asynchronous learning because teacher dependency has been reduced to a marginal level.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the education industry in the following manner:

  1. Exam integrity
  2. Chatbots for enrollment and retention
  3. LMS – Learning management Systems
  4. Plagiarism detection
  5. Online discussion boards
  6. Connected campus
According to the  latest stats of Global Market Insights, with the growing inclination towards personalized learning, AI in the education market has reached USD 4 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to witness over 10% CAGR till the year 2032, that is speedily huge!

A few important reasons why artificial intelligence is a must in today’s education system are:

  • It reduces the downtime to accomplish tasks
  • It reduces cost outlays significantly
  • It is a boon for differently abled people to self handle tasks
  • It uses natural languages processing techniques and solves hitherto complex tasks

Ways in which AI is progressing education

With the introduction of AI in education, the quality of education has improved. AI has assured positive results in cognitive modeling, reasoning, planning and language processing through digitized interfaces. Educational institutions are looking for technologies that could enhance student retention. Universities consequently can better their ranking once they hop on the road of student retention. AI has measured ways in which it can contribute to the education industry.

Some methods are enlisted below:

  • Matching competencies to the suitable job opportunities using AI algorithms
  • Track self educative progress via LMS tracking tools
  • Smart content creation – AI helps to personalize, analyze data and saves time in elaborative study
  • Automation and universal accessibility


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