IIT Madras established ‘AquaMAP’, an interdisciplinary water management and policy centre


The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is laying out another disciplinary Water Management and Policy Center called ‘AquaMAP’ to help in tackling water issues in India. This Center will plan adaptable models by utilizing inventive advances to give shrewd answers for testing water issues. As a proof of idea, these models would be introduced in chosen destinations around the country.

Support from alumni

IIT Madras Alumnis, Parasuram Balasubramanian, the CEO of Theme Work Analytics and Krishnan Narayanan, the leader of Itihaasa Research and Digital will be supporting this drive as a seed award responsibility of Rs. 3 crore for quite a long time and help in making the five-year plan.

What does AquaMap aim to achieve?

  • Ability to address complex genuine water issues through a consortium approach.

  • Gets laid out as a substance which can convey arrangements having a wide effect and application.

  • Complete fruitful pilot concentrated in no less than six water advancement towns/towns, that can be exhibited as replicable models for water the executives and strategy execution, inside the country.

  • Address no less than three ongoing water issues through Grand Challenges and their fruitful interpretation into pilot projects.

  • Set up a best in class Hydro-Informatics Laboratory.

  • Solidly settled Alumni and Community Engagement Model.

Group behind AquaMAP

  • The essential examiner of AquaMAP is Ligy Philip, who is additionally the dean(planning) at IIT Madras.