The Freedom Movement and Partition Studies Research Center Will Be Launched at Delhi University


A research center to advance the study of the Indian freedom movement and Partition will be established by Delhi University. To create the center, the university has established a seven-member committee, led by DU Director (South Campus) Prakash Singh.

Speaking to PTI, Mr. Singh claimed that there was a lack of study material on the war for independence and the role of unsung heroes. Additionally, he added, the university’s courses don’t go into great detail regarding the era leading up to Independence.

“As a result, the institution saw a need for study in the area. Additionally, to advance the field of study, we intend to establish a center that will only do research related to independence and partition “said he. The liberation movements will be re-examined there, and data on unsung heroes will be gathered. “This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Independent India and the university will also marking its 100th anniversary! We are aware that virtually little study has been done in this area. The world is unaware of several changes that occurred throughout the liberation movements, “added Mr. Singh.

“The Partition sufferers were aided by numerous people. DU started a lot of other colleges during this time as well. For the refugees, Deshbandhu College and Dayal Singh College were founded. Refugee camps were established inside several of Delhi’s forts. Numerous colonies were started. All of these characteristics will be the emphasis of this center “Added him. While the center will only focus on research, the university may establish additional courses there in the future. “We may begin new courses, but that will only be temporary. Currently, we’re interested in how the system operates, “added he.