Academic council approves 36 papers under MOOC


The academic council of Mangalore University at its third general meeting for the current academic year, on Friday, approved 36 papers under the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The University Grants Commission offers these courses on the SWAYAM portal, and the university, on directions from the ministry of human resources.development, is actively promoting MOOC through the various departments under the respective faculties.

Accordingly, the faculty of science and technology, at its meeting on January 5, has approved three papers for MSc (food science and nutrition), two for BSc (FND), three papers for MSc (Food Science and Technology), five papers for BSc (food technology), three for MSc (biotechnology) and three papers for bo-technology (optional subjects), which a student can choose as an elective or an optional paper and even study them for extra credit.

Likewise, the faculty of commerce, at its meeting on January 7, approved three papers each for students of MBA first and second semesters, five for third semester and four for the fourth semester. The Commerce faculty also approved two papers for students of travel and tourism management, hospitality management and PGDTHM students. The decision to introduce these papers was taken by the board of studies of respective subjects at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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