Aligning New Technology and Innovation With the Learning is Very Important For Higher Education: Hon’ble Shri Dr. Ashwathnarayan C.N.



With more than 10000 speakers, delegates, and awardees joined across the world physically and virtually, the ASMA Higher Education Summit and Awards 2022 paved the way for transforming India into a hub of quality higher education that imbibes technology, promotes innovation, and builds a research-driven environment.

The ASMAHES 2022 powered by EduCLaaS convened industry leaders, policymakers, top educationalists, and education bodies on a strong platform to discuss the framework and policies that will help India become a quality education hub. The discussion was prefaced by an inauguration speech by our esteemed Chief Guest, Hon’ble Shri Dr. Ashwathnarayan C. N. (Minister of Higher Education, IT & BT, Science and Technology, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of Karnataka, and Chairman KSHEC). He said that since the very existence of human beings, it has been knowledge and skills that have been upgraded, and that has always been considered to be the most important thing for every human civilization. But how much we can improvise sustainably by going along with nature is the paramount question that needs to be addressed first.

He further spoke that new technology has changed the way of learning in India and across the world, and aligning the new technology and innovation with a new way of learning, keeping in mind the huge population in this country, is a very important for transformation of Higher education in India. Technology can certainly enhance the effort to make knowledge easily shareable among communities. HEIs trained to use the latest technologies are the biggest assets for today’s students.

Now many IITs are offering new courses on artificial intelligence and data science, and a large number of students are preparing to get into these courses. The most important thing for HEIs to think about is how well students are getting ready for HEI, how we can best help and encourage them to go to HEI, and what other technological changes we can make to make HEIs more sustainable and transformative.

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