AICTE Acknowledges the Team of the Project UDAAN Lead By Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan, IIT Bombay


AICTE acknowledges the team of UDAAN project lead by Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan from IIT Bombay, for providing their Novel end-to-end Machine Learning Framework that includes extensive use of lexical resources and a post editing platform. The team is comprised of Mr. Rishabh Iyer, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas; Mr. Pankaj Singh, Director, Aify Innovation Labs; and other researchers and code contributors.

UDAAN team has helped immensely in process of speeding up the translation of the technical book. The strong foundation of their data-efficient machine learning approaches organized at synchronized and supported the system.

Thus, their work is based on continuous research work resulting in faster turn-around time for correcting errors and fine-tuning the translation models in a low resource setting. IIT Bombay is sincerely trying to continuously upgrade and upkeep UDAAN platform based on the valuable inputs from AICTE, Coordinators and Translator/Reviewer for translation work of technical books in different regional languages.

Source : AICTE Acknowledgement to UDAAN TEAM, IIT Bombay for Technical Book Writing Scheme