Edutech is Redefining the Face of Education in India


Today, education is one such sector where it is almost impossible to function without technology. With the advent of tablet PCs, old school blackboards, chalks, textbooks and ink pens are fast turning into the things of the past. The new innovative technologies are creating a wave of transformation in the Indian education and learning sector. Conventional theories and traditional classrooms have been replaced by smart classrooms. From marking attendance of the class to teach using various tools, technology has made a great impact by making everyone’s lives easier.

In this ever-changing dynamics of technological transformations, nothing seems constant. The education sector has adopted a personalized approach of learning by using machines, PCs and tablets for teaching, which has given a better experience in terms of up-skilling and making India smart.  Modern tools of creativity like design lab (3D printer), creativity lab (STEAM), smart devices and digital cameras, online resources, like social media, blogs, virtual classrooms, video conference and podcasts, and latest infrastructure like ICT lab, wirefree internet, intranet, smart boards, interactive projectors collectively, all such advances will lead to profound changes in the way courses are taught and learned.


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