How to choose the right career path to advance further?


Career is a chosen line of work, the journey of which begins with building one’s skills through education and work experiences. Making a career means to attain a specific visionary objective via learning  professional work clubbed with life experiences. Education and training are the driving forces of a career. Below we will study the purpose of a career and ways to make the right choice in it.

Purpose of Career

The purpose of career planning is to be able to vision where you see yourself in future. Taking into consideration an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, one has to match it up with one’s career goals. The purpose is of a career is :

  • To enhance an individual’s future value
  • To identify the strengths of an individual
  • To blossom uniqueness
  • To train towards building teamwork
  • The professional growth and development of an individual
  • To enhance capabilities
Make the Right Career Choice

Many people are indecisive about choosing their career path. The 3 simple steps to make it happen are:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Plan
  3. Take action
According to a survey by Wheebox, 85% students of India pursuing higher education aren’t provisioned to make the right career decision. With multiple career options available, it has variably become more difficult to choose one out of these options.

But nowadays, it has relatively become easier because of the career counseling option available for students who aren’t able to ponder upon the right career path. Youtube also has many videos of motivators, who help to channelise people to their right career path. The options to take help from are endless. There are many interactive forums viz Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit wherein one can put up any question to help them sort answers to find the right career path, which also involves people having similar questions, people answering them with experience and experts making their technical suggestions.

So, with this we understand the need for meticulous planning and subsequently making the right career choice for ultimate fulfillment, so that there’s no damage to future professional prospects. Some popular, yet unique techniques of the same are mentioned below:

  • Assess your skill set
  • Recognize your passion
  • Drive your education and trainings
  • Deduce the flexibility offered by a career
  • Take assistance


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