IIT Madras develops technologies for outer space manufacturing to address gaps


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, has laid out a research group to foster the development of technologies for manufacturing products at extra-terrestrial areas and address the current gaps in this area in India, as indicated by authorities.

As per the group, India is a forerunner in creating and applying technologies for assembling launch vehicles and satellites.

Nonetheless, the not so distant future will require advancements that will empower fabricating items and congregations in space and at terrestrial areas to utilize both in space and to bring it back for use on the planet, they said.

The analysts expect to address these difficulties by fostering a wide scope of manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing of functional optical polymers and metals, water-less concrete using martial soils, solar cells, diamond single crystals, and metal foams, they said.

The research group to foster advances for Extra-Terrestrial Manufacturing (ExTem) will be dealing with the very first Microgravity Drop Tower Research Facility laid out in India, which has been made at the National Center for Combustion Research and Development at IIT, Madras, and is one of six drop towers all over the planet.

“Such long haul human space missions are attainable just with diminished earth-dependence and this commands capacity to make and manufacture required items in space, in circle, at extraterrestrial areas and reuse materials successfully,” Sathyan Subbiah, Principal Investigator of the ExTeM Research Group at IIT Madras, told PTI.