India Needs 1,500 More Universities by 2030 to Become Global Superpower: Study


With a staggering 140 million college going students by 2030, the country will need at least another 1,500 universities to meet the demand, which is going to nearly double by then, says a report.

There are 736 universities in the country serving 28.6 million students now, according to a report released by the UK-India Business Council, Tuesday.

To become a 21st-century global superpower, however, the country needs to place excellence, equal access and employability at the heart of expanding its higher education system, the report said.

For this, the government has to create policies to allow foreign universities to operate in the country and hopefully the new higher education policy will help achieve this by enhancing the systemic capacity to produce high-quality graduates on a more consistent and widespread basis, said the report.


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