MEITY Introduces “India AI Program”: A Roadmap for the AI-Skill Development Framework


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has introduced the “India AI” umbrella program, aimed at fostering synergy among various national-level initiatives to accelerate the growth of the artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem in India. In pursuit of the “India AI” vision, MEITY has taken on the responsibility of executing the National Programme on Artificial Intelligence (NPAI). Within the framework of this program, MEITY has made a formal request to the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) to devise a strategic plan for enhancing AI-related skill development in India.

“AI will grow at the rate of 20.2% compound annual growth (CAGR). By 2030, AI in education systems will have contributed considerably to efforts to achieve sustainable development goals 4 in India, and AI will have helped address issues related to equality, equity, and inclusion in education”.

Source: The State of the Education Report (SOER) for India: Artificial Intelligence in Education, 2022

Although AI has the potential to disrupt certain job roles, it will also usher in fresh opportunities and reshape the very essence of work to accommodate these transformations. Embracing these changes necessitates a dedicated commitment to ongoing education, upskilling, and harnessing the capabilities of AI and generative AI as tools for augmentation and enhanced efficiency. 

The vision of India AI

The AI revolution in India is anticipated to surpass the magnitude of the IT revolution in the country. Nonetheless, in order to actualize this potential, India’s skilling environment must undergo a significant transformation. The overarching vision for India AI includes:

  1. Making India the Global AI Superpower
  2. Developing & catalyzing the AI Innovation & Start-up Ecosystem
  3. Creating large-scale Social Transformation leveraging the power of AI
  4. Creating a model of Responsible & Ethical AI – for India and the world
  5. Getting India and its Workforce Ready for the AI Wave
Highlights of the Report

This report primarily centers on the topic of “AI skill development.” Nevertheless, it endeavors to provide recommendations that will contribute to the enhancement of other facets, including governance and adoption, as well as research and development, by means of skill development. Given that many business applications integrating AI will also necessitate various other technologies such as IoT.

  • Suggests the acquisition of skills that involve the proficient use of a blend of technologies alongside AI.
  • Constitution of the Committee to reinforce the ‘Skilling in Al’ component of NPAI, by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE)
  • Analysis of the AI skilling gap and need in Education for technologies like NLP, Robotics, AIOT, Chatbot etc.
  • National AI Skilling Framework which focuses on reskilling, creating AI capsules, develop innovative services and applications using AI-based solutions etc.
  • Several courses available in skilling in AI by different providers such as NASSCOM, ASDC, ESSCI, CDAC etc.
  • Analysis of the technical expertise required in the new job roles that use AI as a service for working professionals in manufacturing, Government, private organizations, Armed forces etc.  
  • Sector-wise analysis of the job roles and cost-analysis for the AI skilling
  • Legal Issues to be Addressed while developing AI Courses

AI holds tremendous potential to revolutionize the entire education ecosystem, offering promising prospects for future employability that align with the overall growth and development of the nation. Hence, it becomes essential to give paramount importance to skill development at the national level in order to cultivate a resilient, future-ready workforce that can secure employment prospects and establish a pertinent, robust, and highly skilled talent pool.

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