Should we have Robotics as a subject of study in schools?

Technology is what drives the world today, and students need to be in tune with the latest developments. Robotics in schools will give them a headstart



Robotics as a career choice is gaining popularity among today’s students. Robots are machines that can either independently, or on command, carry out a series of operations and functions. It is a branch of engineering that involves the design, construction and operation of robots. From moving goods around on a production floor to performing complex medical procedures, and being on space exploration missions, robots are fast becoming an important part of our lives. Coupled with advancements in other areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics will play an increasingly integral role in our way of life.

India is still at a nascent stage when it comes to the rise of robotics. As per a global report in 2017, there are only three robots per 10,000 employees in India. This is clearly insufficient to support the country’s industrial growth targets for sustained growth. Interventions, therefore, must be made in our education system to prepare the young students for the future by introducing robotics early on. Learning through robotics can be more effective in engaging the students and also instil scientific temperament in them. Technology is what drives the world today and students must be adept with the latest developments to be a productive member of the society.


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