Yuvamanthan Experiential Learning Event: Igniting India’s Journey to 2047


Lately, the Indian government introduced an event called Yuvamanthan, which focuses on experiential learning. This event offers a significant chance for the youth to address India’s pressing issues. Participants will engage in role-playing scenarios as national and international policymakers, working towards building consensus in international relations and diplomacy.

What Is The Significance Of The Yuvamanthan Event?

In a historic speech during the 76th Independence Day, the respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ignited a renewed sense of spirit for India. He introduced ‘Panch Prans,’ a vital set of resolutions that will drive the nation towards achieving developed status by the significant year of 2047. Considering this, it’s imperative for the youth of our nation to grasp the context, content, and essence of the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s message.

Aligning with the Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of advancing India to developed status by 2047, Yuvamanthan has proactively initiated engagement with the youth via experiential learning programs such as Model United nations, Youth Parliament, and Hackathon. Yuvamanthan breathes life into its vision through a range of captivating events that act as focal points for learning and collaboration. These thoughtfully curated events aim to nurture creativity, emotional intelligence, and adept negotiation skills, offering the youth a platform to acquire lifelong, transferable abilities.

Earlier this year, Yuvamanthan embraced the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister to involve the public in the G20 through the Janbhagidari Initiative. Subsequently, the Yuvamanthan Model G20 was established, and to date, we have successfully concluded over 1000 programs. Our trajectory is set to achieve 5000 programs involving youth by November 2023.

The Theme for This Year

The Ministry of Education serves as the central authority for education in the nation, overseeing numerous students associated with its affiliated institutions. Within this framework, our aim is to host annual events like Yuvamanthan Model Nation (YMUN), Yuvamanthan Hackathon, Yuvamanthan Youth Parliament, and similar initiatives tailored to various student age groups. These programs will revolve around the theme: ‘IGNITING INDIA’S JOURNEY TO 2047: VISION OF A DEVELOPED INDIA.’

The Prime Minister’s call to action through Panch Pran will be extensively disseminated among the youth. They will be encouraged to take the Panch Pran Pledge, comprehending its significance and pledging their dedication to contribute to India’s developmental trajectory during the Amrit/Kartavya Kaal era. The structure of these programs emphasizes experiential learning in alignment with the National Education Policy 2020.

How to Participate?
  • The HEls will then choose the event they wish to participate in and register for each event, following the process required.
  • If an institute has already conducted Yuvamanthan Model G20 (YMG20), it does not have to register again.
  • A faculty coordinator may be designated to help coordinate the YuvaManthan events.
  • At the end of each event, a document called a draft resolution or a communiqué shall be created by the students that highlights all the proceedings of the discussions and the proposed solutions to the issues at hand.
  • The institute will submit the photos, videos, and draft resolutions of the event through their dashboard.
  • Yuvamanthan will share pictures, videos, and draft resolutions for each event.
The Competitions under the Yuvamanthan Event

Yuvamanthan Model United Nations

  • It is an educational simulation that imparts knowledge of global diplomacy, enhancing students’ abilities in public speaking, diplomacy, and problem-solving. The primary objectives are to enhance understanding of the United Nations (UN) and provide students with crucial diplomatic and critical thinking capabilities.

Yuvamanthan Hackathon

  • Young Innovators Tackling India’s Challenges. Collaboration, growth, and ingenuity form its essence. It involves a series of engaging tasks in a hybrid model where participants learn, practice, and innovate.

Yuvamanthan Youth Parliament

  • It offers an immersive platform for aspiring citizens to simulate parliamentary proceedings. It nurtures inclusive governance and leadership skills while encouraging collaborative efforts to address current issues.


UG and PG Students

These series of competitions collectively enhance students’ experiential learning and cultivate leadership qualities by involving youth in a global dialogue on international diplomacy, leadership, and collective responsibility.

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