ASMA in Association with Financepeer Launches School Leadership Conclave on ‘Technology in Education: Student-Centric Educational Models’

Five –event series with Day 1 on ‘How can humane technology help in reducing student drop-out rates in a VUCA world’


ASMA, a leading platform in academia is back again with its School Leadership Conclave, along with Financepeer, on ‘How can humane technology help in reducing student drop-out rates in a VUCA world’ on 29th May 2021.

It is important to note that although technology is important in education, we need to understand the right ways to leverage it in order to safeguard the education for students in India. Previously, we all thought that education and classroom learning are the only ways in which a student can learn. But now, new ways are emerging and educators, along with students have realised that with the use of technology, student-centric learning can be practised and various issues like geographical restraints, interaction, conversation, communication, engagement and overall learning have become easier and time can be managed more efficiently. Therefore, if the student learning can be made easier, and they have the liberty to study at home, we can ensure education for all and even differently-abled kids can now attend classes and study at their desired pace. This will reduce student drop-out rates in India.

Therefore, if we find the right ways to use technology for our advantage, we can now focus on important terminologies like enhancing student learning experiences, all-inclusive learning, student-centric learning, scheduling & time management, niche-based learning and increased exposure to social interactions.

The School Leadership Conclave is aimed at invoking revolutionary changes in the education scenario. Therefore, by attending this event, you can be a part of the virtual event and the revolution while getting in-depth insights from leading educational industry experts.

The key takeaways of this event will be:

  • Leveraging the right tech tools to increase the reach of education.
  • Ways to enhance learning experiences to prevent student drop-outs.
  • Online Classroom reward systems to encourage good behaviour amongst students.
  • Building discipline programs to recognize students at a district and state-wide level.
  • Scheduling & Time Management with the help of humane technology in education.

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