ASMA Launches Vice Chancellors’ Summit 2021

ASMA India's Admission Hunt, Higher Education Session: Vice Chancellors’ Summit 2021 will be held on 13th May


ASMA is gearing up to bring you the best of education, digital-age and tech-backed innovative solutions which are trending and upscaling in the market.  

With the onset of the pandemic, and now the second wave, we know that remote learning and education is here to stay. But this comes as a gift for those who are willing to upskill with time. Gone are the days when education meant pen, papers, chalk and boards. In the new age, the dynamics of learning, teaching, assessment and feedback have completely changed. Technology comes as a friend to all in this digital era. Tech-backed solutions are being applied to overcome all kinds of problems.

Therefore, by attending this session, which will be hosted by ASMA, you will experience the tides of change and the gust of wind that is blowing towards new-age tech-driven solutions which are constantly enhancing and increasing the scope of education and learning.

ASMA’s Vice Chancellors’ Summit on ‘New-Age Tech-Driven Solutions Enhancing Learning Experiences Post Pandemic’ scheduled on 13th May2:00 PM onwards will explore the below-mentioned topics in abundance-

  • Enhancing data infrastructure to increase adaptability to technology.
  • Data security solutions to ensure the right digital access to learners and educators.
  • Ways of assessing summative performance via technology-backed tools/platforms.
  • Barriers and enablers in technology assessment and feedback tools.
  • Fruitful use of technology to reduce burnout and boost the mental wellbeing of students and educators.

In this event, attendees will gain paramount knowledge from the leading industry experts with relevant experiences in various fields. With a diverse panel, the event will be packed with discussions on sustainable solutions and practices in the field of education and learning.

To register for ASMA’s ‘New-Age Tech-Driven Solutions Enhancing Learning Experiences Post Pandemic’ click here.