ASMA to Host a Preschool Leadership Forum 2021

ASMA India's Admission Hunt session on Preschool Leadership Forum will be held on 7th May


We all must have come across multiple articles and blogs talking about education and its scenario post-pandemic. But, what is not being discussed widely is the effect of the pandemic, blended/online learning and the feeling of social isolation amongst young learners.

Interaction with teachers and peers plays a pivotal role in the overall development and learning of a preschooler. It was easier to transition from offline to remote learning for students enrolled in higher educational institutes because of their regular encounters with technology. But for younger learners, transitioning is an arduous task due to their unfamiliarity with the technology and analytical tools.

ASMA India’s Admission Hunt 2021 endeavours to engage educators, learners, parents and other stakeholders and explore the wide range of changes and challenges which children are facing and will experience in the near future during these tough times amidst the ongoing second wave of the pandemic.

ASMA’s session on ‘Preschool Leadership Forum: Admissions, Challenges, Opportunities & Scope Post-Pandemic’ scheduled on 7th May3:00 pm onwards will delve into understanding various topics such as:

  • Changes in the admissions criteria post-pandemic.
  • Mental health challenges for children as a result of remote learning.
  • How parents and educators can help students cope with changes in education.
  • Upcoming trends in the teaching/learning patterns post-pandemic.
  • How can innovation and adaptation be espoused in remote or hybrid learning?

The event will witness the participation of eminent experts belonging to the field of preschool education and various other stakeholders across the education and corporate industry having relevant experience in the areas stated above.

To register for ASMA’s ‘Preschool Leadership Forum: Admissions, Challenges, Opportunities & Scope Post-Pandemicclick here.