Comprehensive passage on CBSE Class 10 question paper sparks outrage


A passage section in the CBSE Class 10 English question paper has started a discussion for supposedly advancing “sex stereotyping” and supporting “backward thoughts”, provoking the board to allude the make a difference to subject specialists on Sunday.

In the Class 10 test led on Saturday, the inquiry paper conveyed a passage with sentences like “emancipation of women destroyed the parent’s authority over the children” and “it was exclusively by tolerating her better half’s direction that a mother could acquire obedience over the more youthful ones”, among others. These excerpts circulated around the web via social media.

The comprehensive passage and the question also spoke about how centuries ago wife subordination to the husband who is considered to be the master of the house would teach their servants and children their own place. People were very slow to observe the emancipation of the wife which was destroying the parent’s direct authority over their children. The passage included such gender-stereotypical lines. The students were also given four options for the same. As per a senior CBSE official, the CBSE class 10 examination first term received mixed reactions from students and parents where they alleged that the passage promoted gender stereotyping.