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“Helicopter Parenting and FOMO are two biggest problems faced by FFGen (Fast Forward Generation)” Says Author of Define Your Orbit – Mr. Manish Panchal

‘Define Your Orbit’ book was released on 7th December at ‘2nd HEF International Research Conference 2019’ Mumbai. The book features a Unique Model of Hierarchy of Aspiration to Guide Millennials and Future Generations to Achieve Life Long Success.


  • Author Mr. Manish Panchal is an established business leader and management guru, he was Senior Practice Head at TATA Strategic Management Group.
  • Panchal is a Founder of Social Initiative GURUInc means Grooming U to Rule Ur Inner consciousness.
  • The book DYO provides an interesting perspective of life transformation with real characters, real stories that FFGen (Fast Forward Generation) would be able to relate easily.
  • This book is not meant to be one time read, rather it is giving fresh perspective to several situations we face in day to day life. Be it, conflict with your near and dear ones, low self-esteem, issues of self-doubt, anxiety, depression and FOMO.
  • ‘Define Your Orbit’(DYO) provides easy to adopt solutions to various challenges faced by FFGen.
  • Orbital framework is developed in the hierarchy from Ignorance to Enlightenment. It also provides insights on new concept called Organized spirit. That is explained as in individual with Self: Awareness, Drive, Discipline, Confidence and Joy.
  • The book provides reader with feast of simple, innovative thoughts and concepts such as ‘Write your own story’, ‘Organized Spirit’ 7D framework for supper achievement, Inspired to Aspire concept, Philosophy of no right or wrong, nothing wrong being No.2.
  • As per author, new definition of Success is – Whatever you plan to do, and you do it and whatever you plan not to do and you don’t do it is success,


December 7th 2019 Higher Education Forum & GURUInc, released the book titled ‘DEFINE YOUR ORBIT’ Success: A Matter of Chance or Choice authored by Mr. Manish Panchal. The book was released by and Dr A. K. Sengupta Founder of HEF along with other dignitaries, Prof. Dr. Peter Cunningham Emeritus Professor: Nelson Mandela University, South Africa Mr. Adil Ptuck Chairman Patuck Polytechnic Trust. Dr Abul Azam, Prof. & Dean, School of Business & Economics United International University Bangladesh and Dr Rajesh Khajuria Chairman CKSV Institute of Management Baroda. The book Define Your Orbit is an unique operating manual for each individual seeking to align their thoughts, words and actions.

Readers will experience relatable life journey of seven mentees, each with their own existential angst, conflicts, choices and aspirations. The young people are woven together as they are after all, looking for same meaning in their lives.

In Define Your Orbit, author Manish Panchal draws you into the real situations and stories of these young people as he equips you with the tools and techniques to map your aspirations and help you define your own orbit. The most compelling part of the book is how to move in higher orbits of seven dimensions (7Ds) of human happiness. Be it, fulfilment of educational, careerist, personal, spiritual, social, health or material wealth.

The unique orbital framework highlights an individual’s journey of aspiration in each or either of 7Ds from ‘ignorance to enlightenment’. Aspirational Orbits; Low Achievement Orbit (LAO), Medium Achievement Orbit (MAO), Above Average Achievement Orbit (AAO), High Achievement Orbit (HAO) and Wisdom Achievement Orbit (WAO) are each having its unique Organized spirit traits of Self Awareness for LAO, Self-Drive for MAO, Self-Discipline for AAO, Self-Confidence for HAO and finally Self-Joy for WAO. All Who’s-who in this world would fall under WAO category for respective 7Ds. This framework becomes unique as the starting point LAO for each individual is defined by what he has received or inherited from his parents being born in that family. Further the mapping of aspirations is done with simple approach of inspired to aspire. Means, identify your role models in respective 7Ds you want to map your aspirations and walk the path without re-inventing the wheel by identifying mentors and sponsors who will help you move up in the next orbit.


Book has several first time and interesting concepts like, Fake it to your mind till you make it, Cheat theory, Don’t just think it Ink It!, Guilt free Selfishness, Positive Dissatisfaction, Emulate your role models and finally nothing wrong in being No. 2.


Book ends with stories of Successful Millennials who have defined their orbits in the section titled #IDMO – I Defined My Orbit. Stories covered currently are of UN Champion of the Earth Awardee Afroz Shah –Lawyer & Varsova beach cleaning fame environmentalist, Amrut Deshmukh – Booklet App Fame on mission to make Global & India Youth Read, Rupal Boke – Winner of Mrs. India Earth beauty pageant her life transformation journey, Mohsin Shaikh – His struggle and how he became Bollywood Music Composer and Kush Panchal – Bollywood Yoga Studio fame, a millennial promoting Yoga for transforming your spirit.


In near future DYO will cover many more transformers and influencers stories to build #IDMO community.


Author Manish Panchal suggest: Take a look at yourself and tell; Do you find yourself confronting increasing competition and peer pressures? Do you feel that everyone around you is aspiring to be one up? Do all your social media contacts constantly bombard cyber space with stories and pictures that show they are having a blast – always? And do you feel that though you have hundreds of likes and followers on Insta, FB, and other social media, none of them are real friends with whom you can share your inner secrets. Chill You are not alone! Read and follow DEFINE YOUR ORBIT (DYO) and get to understand how all your issues that like stress, depression and social acceptance can be resolved.


Dr. A K Sengupta Founder Higher Education Forum, said ,The importance of having a right mentor and his guidance to move up in newer orbits closer to one’s aspirations is aptly explained in this book. Research says writing down one’s goal, aspirations or life purpose increases chance of success”.


Prof. Dr. Peter Cunningham Emeritus Professor, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa said, “Because life is about experiences, aspirations and realizing self-potential, Manish’s ‘Hierarchy of Aspiration model’ provides millennials and GenZ (FFGen) with a fresh perspective on how to approach life and become a success. There is enough research, including one from The Royal Society of Public Health (UK) that declared Instagram as the worst SO-ME (Social Media) network for mental health leading to FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out”.


Mr. Manish Panchal, Author: Define Your Orbit added “This book is must read if you want to express your unique identity #KNOW THYSELF, if you want to understand why things are happening the way they are #WHY ME, if you want to become what you want to be #NEW ME. To align what you think, say and do to achieve upmost peace, happiness and success Define Your Orbit is way to go.


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