How is AI Impacting the World of Content Marketing?

  • How big is the AI industry? – The global enterprise Artificial Intelligence market size was valued at $4.68 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach $53.06 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 35.4% from 2019 to 2026.-
  • AI is quickly making impact across diverse industries such as Healthcare and Medicine,Education, Marketing, Retail and E-Commerce, Recruitment and Human Resources (HR) etc.
  • Marketers say the top success story they are seeing with AI is getting a better understanding of the customer.

Gone are the days when things used to be manually performed. Now, we are living in a time where lot of work is done by machines and gadgets. Welcome to the new age of automation powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In this era, artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of exponential technologies that are disrupting the way we do our work and manage our lives. AI which is the science of machines and computers developing intelligence like humans, is reshaping industries. AI driven machines have the ability to do incredible stuff that we do on a routine basis.

‘Content marketing’ is one of the most prominent keywords in marketing today. It is the very essence of marketing communication for generating engagement and conversions. For targeted marketing it is important that the content your college generates should be customized as per the requirement of your target audience. It has to cater to the interest levels of potential students.

In recent times, a significant element has been added to content marketing and that is the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in this sphere. Marketing organizations worldwide are increasingly exploring the use of this new age phenomenon to drive content curation. The use of AI in content marketing is expected to calibrate the process for leveraging content distribution. It is intended to attract attention of your target group for generating the desired call to action that ensures final conversions.

Here are some of the ways in which AI is or can impact the realm of content marketing. The role of AI in content marketing

#1. Automated Content

Back in 2018, Gartner had estimated that nearly 20% of all business-oriented content will be generated by machines. Since then, more and more organizations are leveraging AI to optimise content. The move is helping lot of industries cut down on unessential tasks thereby saving their precious time and ensuring proper return on investment.  Imagine the growing pace at which content needs to be curated in the digital age. To match the rising demand, AI enabled optimisation is one of the key to achieve this.

#2. Social Media Marketing and Online Search Marketing

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the social media and search marketing space is flabbergasting. Social media and internet giants such as Facebook and Google are making rapid changes in their algorithms constantly to provide the best user experience. With additional features of sentiment analysis and voice/image recognition, AI aims to improve the overall experience of using these platforms.

All this will potentially lead to increasing leads and conversions.

To stay ahead of the competition curve and remain relevant, it is important that your institution is constantly delivering personalized content experiences. Marketers across the globe are implementing AI capabilities to enhance operational efficiency. Google Now and Apple’s voice assistant Siri are two famous examples of this advanced technology.

The technology is making fast in roads in education sector too.

#3. Content Marketing Is Actively Embracing Artificial Intelligence

In this competitive scenario, content marketing is a pivotal element for effective positioning of any academic institution.

How does artificial intelligence add a new dimension to whatever it involves itself into? Artificial Intelligence is a sophisticated technology that is able to detect and predict how patterns will form in data. By continuously accessing relevant data points it presents useful insights to enhance marketing strategies and improves initiatives drastically.

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#4. More Personalized Content

How to develop personalized content, is a big challenge in content curation. This is crucial to provide engaging and relevant content that is based on what your potential customers are looking for.

Today students want institutes to provide need based engagement with deeper emotional connect with the brand they aspire to join. Marketing teams in colleges and universities realize the importance of this emerging trend. Several edutech companies are even developing customized algorithms to automate this process that will enable admission marketers to focus on personalized engagement with their prospects.

AI-powered tools can map the profile of aspirants, automate the timing and platforms of communication, develop the type of individualized content required and optimize its distribution across channels. Streamlining of content through AI will ultimately allow institutes to map dynamic needs of the millennial customers.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is an important branch of Artificial Intelligence that is set to impact content marketing in the future. This will automate the content generation business across industry sectors.

#5. More Efficient Data Analysis

AI integration will empower marketers by providing advance analytical insights through inferences drawn from large volumes of data points. By performing in-depth analyses of various patterns in data, it can then create customized campaigns for customers.

As the field of Artificial Intelligence progresses, AI-based algorithms will particularly help content marketers to run more in-depth analysis of their campaigns and find solutions to increase its relevance and impact.

Deeper insights will allow content marketers to effectively predict content performance and patterns in audience engagement.

#6. AI Will Enhance Performance of Content Marketing Campaigns

Use of Artificial Intelligence in content marketing campaigns will improve performance. AI helps push relevant content to the right audiences since such campaigns will be fully customized to suit the individual experience extremely precisely.

Artificial Intelligence will improve predictability of content to match every customers’ need and preferences.  Currently, the AI technology is being used to identify critical opportunities in data to create business opportunities for content developers.

AI technology can analyse quantum of user data right from demography to device location to best time of engagement and equip marketers with useful information to establish right connections between their content and user preferences.

Artificial intelligence can play a pivotal role in the content marketing field by helping to make the processes more effective at a time of massive content overload.

#7. Content Creation and Planning

You can use AI to automatically generate content. In future it may happen that you could come across content that is created by an algorithm. Blogs and articles will then be authored by bots.

Content planning will become easy with AI. Right now, you have to manually determine what kind of content to create that resonates with your target audience. Artificial Intelligence can curtail turnaround time of planning content by scanning customers’ engagement with previously produced content. Artificial Intelligence can evaluate what content type will be needed to generate trending engagement with your prospects.

#8. Using Chatbots to drive Engagement

Chatbots are popularly being used in academic institutions to engage the target audience with timely response. Because of their technical capability to respond as per the individual requirement, these bots are able to generate higher engagement levels.

Because of their ability to assist admission teams in quickly responding to user enquiries, people prefer them over traditional channels to resolve an issue.

#9. Automation of Routine Tasks

Marketing is a dynamic process that involves set of routine tasks. Most of these can be automated with the help of AI driven tools.

Artificial intelligence can help marketers in academic institutes to analyse, measure, and personalize content for campaign optimization. This leads to better content planning for achieving the desired results. By automating routine marketing activities, you can have better resource planning for achieving results.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Content Marketing

We are just seeing the beginning of AI in marketing of educational products. Still researches are being carried on continuously to explore how AI can influence content marketing for improving campaign performance.

Artificial intelligence will ultimately revolutionized the way marketing channels interact with each other. AI systems of the future will have the capability to automatically optimize paid and organic campaigns.

AI of the future can help education marketers make deeper sense of available information and accelerate their content marketing performance. AI can help not only automate various marketing modules such as keyword research and planning, content curation etc. but integrate them to create a single supply chain for the campaign.

This will give content marketers access to deeper, actionable insights and enable them to accurately predict outcomes.

Currently, the platforms that content marketers utilize lack powerful insights. A lot of work is still done manually. These platforms fail to provide actionable inferences from the data they capture. It is left to the marketers to decipher data and make suitable recommendations for creating content.

Artificial Intelligence will change all this for content marketers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead to Content Intelligence in a big way.

Content marketers should be prepared in the future to reap the benefits of better content intelligence through AI tools. They must be adequately equipped with right skills to leverage content intelligence for optimizing their marketing efforts for better results in the future

Content intelligence will enable marketers to understand content in its context. Understanding of the content context will further guide in effective utilization of that piece of content. AI enabled platforms can even automate and execute some of these actionable benefits.

So, as a pro-active marketer, it is time to remain open to new developments in the field of content marketing. Watch out for artificial intelligence to drive audience engagement in a more profitable way and stay ahead of your competitors.