IIT Madras Invites Applications for Free ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ Course



The IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation welcomes applications for the ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ (OOBT) via Mathematics program. According to IIT-M, the goal is to foster innovative thought processes. The course will be delivered online and will be provided at no charge. The program consists of four distinct levels, each with its own grading, and will be readily available to students, professionals, and researchers.

Each of the four stages in the OOBT training lasts for ten weeks, and there are ongoing assessments and solutions. The final test is proctored and is given in a few cities across India. Based on their performance in the exam, successful applicants will be given a grade certificate from IITM Pravartak. Exams for Levels 3 and 4 are being administered by the IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation.

Registrations are being accepted from August 14 through September 20, 2023.

About the Course:

In the realm of mathematics, where logic forms the underlying current, fostering a more expansive mindset is imperative through its integration with the ever-expanding realm of technology. Whether unraveling the enigma of a delightful sudoku puzzle or accomplishing a pivotal project on schedule, the methodology of problem-solving holds greater significance than the mere arithmetic it entails. This necessitates the cultivation of creative cognition and a broader perspective, often referred to as “Out of the Box” thinking.

Out of the Box thinking involves tackling challenges through unconventional and imaginative approaches, employing rationale that isn’t immediately apparent and incorporating concepts that extend beyond the bounds of traditional step-by-step reasoning. This distinctive course places a strong emphasis on such thinking by rediscovering the known and unveiling the unknown facets of mathematics with logical precision, all while embracing a captivatingly expansive approach. 

For Whom

These courses are easily accessible to schoolchildren, professionals, and researchers. The four graded independent levels of the courses present multiple approaches to problem-solving, debunking the myth that problem-solving is for the elite. It introduces new techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion; prepares the users to face real-life projects with confidence and ease.

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