Indian Institute of Health Management Research: Reliving Memories


Creating a strong bond with the alumni network is one of the most important tasks of the current student body not only in terms of memories but for a long-term bond of the alumnus and college, both personally and professionally.

A devoted alumni network can provide financial value in terms of donations, and more importantly, the alumni themselves can also become brand advocates, employers, and evidence of the college’s growing reputation. According to research, 85% of Alumni believe that the Institute doesn’t do enough to engage with them.

  • To promote Alumni Achievements on social media.
  • To leverage alumni advocacy for brand building.
  • To build strong alumni relations and connect with alumni.
  • Motivating the existing students to work in a progressive direction.
Strategic Approach:

The campaign was run to promote and build a strong alumni base for several purposes.

  • Promoting alumni achievements on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Collection of alumni testimonials in short video and share it over twitter.
  • Promoting alumni awards and honors being received, share a short shout out for senior videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Target Audience

Socializing the campaign to the relevant stakeholder

  • Alumni
  • Potential aspirants
  • Recruiters

Hashtags: #EminentSeniors #Knowyourseniors

Social Media Platform Used: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


The objective is to build a strong alumni bond by sharing the sense of belongingness of college. That sense can be built by connecting the dots between institute and alumni, giving the alumni due importance, feeling proud of their accomplishments, highlighting and sharing how well their alumni are doing incorporate.

IIHRM has followed the trends and got the neck of the alumni to connect, they understood the importance of strong alumni base for placements, fundraising, mentoring sessions etc. and students get corporate mentoring via alumni working in the organization.

Unique Digital Proposition
  • Shout Out to Our Alumni

Created a social media buzz about the alumni promotion campaign over Twitter and Facebook, poster & banner have been shared over social media.

  • Introduced alumni, their professional work exposure in form of short video over Twitter.
  • Described the highlights of the projects undertaken and positions they are holding currently on Facebook.
  • Highlights the career progression of alumni since starting to current handling.


  • Digital Media


Facebook posts were flooded with all alumni associated work exposure, rich experience gained by them.

  • Post related to alumni raising the bar in health care and management.
  • Post related to highlights of career progressions of alumni in different companies.
  • Engaging the audience with likes, share, and comments over the post.
  • Created social media buzz with hashtags #EminentSeniors to increase reach and impression.


“93% of Institutes Use Facebook for alumni engagement and 90% Institute prefer Facebook as most popular social media platform”.

ASMA India Trends Study 2018


“79% of users on Facebook are college graduates and 77% finished high school or less”

Facebook 2018



With more than followers on Twitter, the social media promotion strategy over twitter brings a good level of engagement via retweets. The cross-promotional strategy has been taken by the university to reach out to a large audience.

  • Posts are related to alumni achievements via short story videos.
  • Engaging the audience by leveraging #KnowYourSeniors #EminentSeniors
  • Post related to the award being received by Alumni
  • Relevant Hashtags #WowWednesday along with the title “Shout Out To Eminent Alumni to increase reach and impressions.

Tweets with images receive 89% more likes and 150% more retweets.

                  Brandwatch, 2018