University of California, Los Angeles: Inspiration is Everywhere


Content marketing is important for brands to reach and connect with audiences. The useful and relevant content on the portal brings unique traffic over the portal or social media pages. Emotion in the content drives the post faster than a normal post.

The institution is a second home for students to live, learn and stand high in the society. It is always desired by students to be a part of the best institute in India, they try to find out those on digital platforms, search engines. And that’s where the digital presence of an institute plays a very vital role to reach to probable aspirants.

  • To promote the brand and create value for aspirants.
  • To increase audience participation in terms of engagement over social media.
  • To promote the joyful culture and peaceful environment at UCLA.
 Strategic Approach:

Run a campaign to post user-generated pictures of campus sites to engage the audience and increase likes over Social Media platforms,

  • Created a social media buzz about #SceneatUCLA via reminder posts.
  • Ask for special and memorable pictures of the campus, share it over social media
  • Share sketches and doodles of campus sites on social media.

 Hashtags: #SceneatUCLA

Target Audience:

Promotion of the campaign for the relevant stakeholders

  • Potential Aspirants
  • Existing Students
  • Alumni

Social Media Platform Used: Facebook and Instagram


Trends of enjoying a beautiful ambiance have been shifted to traditional methods to the digital front. Institute using social media, inflicting the influence of marketing tactics on social media, brings good results.

The objective of the campaign was to promote the brand and create value for aspirants who wish to join top management institute. The social media strategy to promote and share the post or publish anything and everything about the prestige that UCLA holds and ensuring the same continues to reach newer audiences in terms of aspirants and corporates. And that’s where the Hashtag suits the best #SceneatUCLA

Unique Digital Proposition
  • Scenic Beauty at Campus

The unified approach of using a creative hashtag along with the college name hashtag leads to an increase in popularity of the campaign among both internal and external audience in terms of tying the students, alumni as well the outside world. It also creates a consistent platform which can be consulted to get a peek into life at one of the most prestigious B-schools of the world.

  • Post related to sharing memorable and beautiful moments at Campus.
  • Engagement post in form of sharing sketches and doodles of campus sites.
  • Shared the audience generated content on social media


  • Social Media


With over 1.9 lakhs followers over Instagram, choosing the trendy hashtags actually ignited the entire campaign. The posts were flooded with lots of memorable and offsite scene at a campus. Starting from morning sunrise to golden hours at the campus.

  • Description of the memorable and inspiring moment at a campus.
  • Each post has a thematic presentation, with usual graphics and color combination to relate the post to the audience.
  • Perfect summer, shining golden hours and lot more on the way to Instagram.

 Instagram post with at least one hashtags brings 12.6% more engagement than those without.

Word Stream, 2018


Facebook posts were shared reminding the alumnus and students of all the memorable places, events and experiences that are symbolic of their college to remind them of their college memories. The hashtag #SceneatUCLA popularity increases when students use it in their daily posts leading to an inorganic contribution to the campaign.

  • It also uses this campaign as a launchpad to promote other prominent campaigns and event.
  • Shared the gorgeous on campus architectures as well as sunrise beauty at the campus of UCLA.