Parents Enroll Their Kids In IB Schools To Inculcate International Mindset: Shane Kells


All the International Baccalaureate Schools endeavor to form their students into better individuals who can tackle complex issues of the genuine world through their intercultural understanding. Extracurricular exercises assume a powerful part in the students’ advanced learning and the improvement of the student profile. On an entire, they expect to make and instill all 21st-century skills inside the students.

ASMA conducted an energetic virtual webinar on the School Education Leadership Forum that was attended by educators from the education sector. Shane Kells, the Director at the International School of Riga, Latvia was a part of the webinar. He put forward a few crucial points of how IB schools foster skills in 21st-century learners.

There are several people who are not familiar with the IB schools and what IB schools teach or aim for. IB schools have changed over the passage of years. Parents who know the curriculum of IB schools always want their children to get the best education.

The reason behind why parents enroll their children in IB Schools is because they want their children to have an international mindset and learn the moralities of the world.

IB Diploma is built in such a manner so that it drives the mindset and curriculum of international education.

Shane Kells also shares his own experience as an IB school educator in the School Education Leadership Forum webinar where he brings forth the advantages of enrolling kids into IB schools, thus making the nation’s future leaders.