Popular courses, but not for men in Delhi University


Sanchit Kumar, 17, was surprised when he got to know that none of the 63 Delhi University (DU) colleges offers a course in Home Sciences to male students.

Bhopal resident Kumar studied Home Sciences till class 12 and he wished to pursue a career in the culinary arts to become a chef. He thought that DU could provide the best platform for this.

However, during an open day session last week, he was told that the BSc in Home Sciences course is only available for women in the university.

“It was surprising to know that the university does not offer the course to men. Home Sciences is traditionally considered as a female-oriented course. But things have changed and now, more and more boys are showing interest in the course because of better opportunities it offers. The officials have asked me to rather go for BSc in Food Technology which is also available in only one co-ed college in DU,” he said.

Kumar is not alone. Many male aspirants visiting the university with admission related queries were surprised to know that either several courses are not available for them or they have very few college options in these courses. Courses like Psychology (Honours), Philosophy (Honours), Sociology (Honours) and Geography (Honours) are mostly available in women-only colleges.


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