World University of Design organizes seminar to bring into focus Higher Education in Art


Great Minds in the world of Art came together to discuss the issues and challenges faced by Art Education in the face of an evolving ecosystem that is majorly influenced by technology, society and demographics. The World University of Design organized an intensive brainstorming seminar in collaboration with a think-tank of eminent artists, art educators, curators and industry leaders in an effort to rethink the existing education framework and move towards a futuristic & contemporary understanding of the art education.

The seminar elaborated on the emerging education landscape especially in India in the coming years and how institutions are responding to these changes and challenges. The Seminar was organized by The School of Visual Arts, the World University of Design on 7th June at the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. Some of the well-known and eminent personalities and artists who were a part of the seminar included Mr. Adwaita Charan Gadanayak (Dir-Gen, NGMA), Mr. J Manu Parekh, Senior Artist, Mr. Suresh Goel (Dir General, EEMA and ex-DG, ICCR) and Ms. Sushma Bahl (former Head (Art & Culture), British Council) among others.


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