Students in Andra Pradesh will get a chance to improve their SSC Score


Students who pass the extra tests will be assigned to a division by the board.

In response to the outcry over the state’s low pass rate in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) public exams, the administration has decided to allow students who did not achieve the minimum qualifying marks a second chance to do better and pass the 10th class examinations.

Students who pass the extra exams will be assigned a division (first/second/third) by the State Board of Secondary Education based on their marks. The SSC advanced supplemental exams will be held from July 6 to 15, and teachers have been told to hold “remedial classes” to assist students in passing the 10th Class tests.

The Education Department has also proposed allowing students who received less than 50% in the SSC public tests to take the extra exams to improve their results. “We’re waiting for the government’s approval on this,” said S. Suresh Kumar, Director of the Department of School Education.

The extraordinary indulgence is being granted to this year’s batch of SSC students who have missed significant academic time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has kept schools closed for the longest time. More than two lakh pupils failed their public examinations due to a lack of preparation time, resulting in the lowest pass percentage in the last 20 years.

Officials made it clear that this was a one-time action that would only apply to the tests in the academic year 2021-22. For students who passed the tests but plan to take the supplemental test to improve their performance, the best score in either exam (regular or improvement) will be used to determine the final pass certificate.