The First State To Implement New Education Policy At the Pre-Primary Level Is Uttarakhand


With the opening of “Bal Vatikas” in Anganwadi kendras throughout the state to enhance the pre-primary education system, Uttarakhand on Tuesday became the first state in the nation to begin the process of implementing the Center’s New Education Policy. The 4,457 Anganwadi kendras in the state will have “Bal Vatikas” which are similar to the nursery classes at private schools.

Speaking at the event, Mr Dhami stated that the New Education Policy (NEP implementation’s) signals the start of culture-based education in the nation, concentrating on students’ whole personality development. He declared, “The NEP will establish the cornerstone of a robust and bright future for children.”

All the projects whose foundation stones are being put on during his tenure would be finished, according to Mr Dhami, who also lay the foundation stone of an NCERT building here. “No project will go unfinished. Every project whose foundation stone is being placed would be brought to completion, he vowed.

The chief minister also mentioned the importance his administration places on beginning the process of developing a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), a pledge he made before the state assembly elections earlier this year.

“We have already formed a team headed by retired Supreme Court judge Ranjana Prakash Desai to create a draught of the UCC, which would be implemented after bringing all stakeholders into confidence,” he said. “We gave the idea approval at our very first cabinet meeting.

When Uttarakhand celebrates its silver anniversary of independence in 2025, he claimed that all of his government’s efforts will be focused on making it a top state. By that time, he said, all agencies must provide at least two outstanding results that not only benefit the state but also serve as a model for other governments to follow.

Speaking at the event, Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat said that the Macaulay educational system, which had been used for many years in the nation, has been replaced by the NEP.

“It gives kids the chance to pursue school depending on their preferences. Now kids can study the topics of their choice in the language they are comfortable with, according to Mr Rawat. In Uttarakhand, the New Education Policy “would be fully implemented by 2030,” he declared.