Top 5 Most Powerful Use Cases of Conversation AI for HEIs in 2023


Long before the epidemic, the education industry had technologically evolved. In fact, data suggests that education is among the top five industries widely adopting and monetizing conversational AI.

AI Conversations are a new generation of technology for every university or institute around the world, and they are simple to deploy across any digital platform. According to a report, by 2025, 58% of HEIs in India will be using conversational AI.

Recently, a new ChatGPT, a conservation AI based on a large-scale model, has hyped the AI market around the world. The human-like response is the unique proposition for the ChatGPT. There are several other AI-based conservation tools available that can digitally transform institutes and universities.

If you are looking to adopt conversational AI in your university or institute, then this article will help you deepen your understanding of conservation AI and provide you with the top 5 powerful use cases of using conservation AI or similar technology in the education industry.

Use cases of Conservation AI for HEIs

1. Enrolment Support

 At any time, the Conversation AI can assist in resolving a student’s queries prior to enrollment, suggesting the best courses suited based on the area of interest, including fees, campus life, and others.

The intelligent model by AI will back up the data based on queries asked by the student and circulate the data with the team to analyse and categorise the issues faced by students.

2. Student Engagement

 Now every student owns a smart device, and they are more exposed to technology. The research suggests that “40% of millennials engage with bots on a daily basis.” The Conservation AI can help build student engagement all the way up.

The physical interaction has shifted to more virtual engagement, with the ease of accessing a large number of students given a single point in time and saving time.

3. Alumni Engagement

The conversation AI can be helpful in alumni engagement. The AI will gather data on alumni responses and behaviours by studying their social media and digital footprints.

The data gathered will be analysed by the AI, and it can build a personalised campaign for alumni engagement, including emails, auto-call reminders, texts, and other digital communications.

4. Corporate Engagement

Conversation AI can help in engaging with corporations in terms of internships, placements, projects, and other activities. The AI can use a multi-source interference model to engage with HR managers to solve their text or voice queries through a dialogue flow.

It can rely on the student’s profile, filtering by areas of expertise, skills, and core competency, and provide required profiles based on the organization’s intent inputs.

It also helps HEIs analyse the skill sets required by various organisations and reframe their curriculum according to information received from AI.

5. Pedagogy and Learning

According to a report, 76% education institutes will be benefiting from conservation AI for teaching-student learning engagement by 2025.

The conversation AI can deliver the personalized content for every student based on the student interest. The AI can analyse the interest pattern based on searches, queries and feedbacks of the students and deliver personalized content to individual students.

Moreover, conversational AI coupled with machine learning can adapt the instruction based on the increasing complexity of the student’s questions.

The conversation AI can have with HEIs can help them grow their engagement with students, parents, and influencers, from solving pre-enrolment queries to final optimization of alumni relations.