Top 5 trending education-related buzzwords in 2022


Education in India has seen several ups and downs owing to the pandemic. It has been a roller coaster ride for students, teachers and parents. Right from the sudden switching from physical to digital classes to picking up new buzzwords like blended classroom, asynchronous learning, hybrid learning, and others; teachers accepted all the challenges. The only thing that one needs to stay up-to-date are the latest trends happening in the educational landscape.

Check out the top 5 buzzwords that are trending in education domain:

1. Data-driven instruction

Corporations run on data and therefore data is the king. Data is the enabling education towards the better learning outcomes. Data-driven instruction is a kind of approach where the teaching is improvised based on the data and information that is obtained from the students. This data is actually gathered in the entire learning process and is then analyzed to make better informed decisions.

2. Growth mindset

The growth mindset is all about learning theory that is based on the belief that performance and Intelligence can be improved. This is right in contrast to the fixed mindset belief according to which a person is intelligence of talents cannot be altered. As per recent research, it has been indicated that encouraging a growth mindset among the students is helping them to learn more efficiently. Such students are confident about themselves, accepts challenges and strives for self improvement.

3. Personalized learning

The learning environment for each student is different that is the reason why personalized approach is essential where instruction can be customised as per individual requirements. This process is called a personalized learning and it is one of the most trending words of of education domain currently. Through personalized learning, unique skills, strengths and interest of the students can be leveraged for making learning and effective process.

4. Makerspaces

Makerspace is a complete different zone with students working on projects using science, technology, maths and engineering skills. It can be a workspace inside a library, class or school where raw materials like equipment, craft supplies would be available for the students. Students can use this workspace under the supervision of their teacher and build something using their imagination and creativity.

5. Design thinking

Design thinking is a kind of approach which focuses on finding solution to tough problems. In general, design thinking is all about the involvement of prototyping, experimenting, learning from mistakes and then coming up with solutions.