UGC Grants Permission to the Colleges and Universities to Select Their Optional Subjects


University Grants Commission of India-UGC delivered a signed declaration with respect to the optional subjects in the College assessments. The board said that Colleges and colleges can expand the number of discretionary Or optional subjects for their students. The board offered this office in view of the new training strategy.

According to the new educational policy, students will be expected to concentrate on the main subjects as well as optional subjects at a wide range of schools and colleges.

The UGC sent off numerous optional courses for the Colleges and Universities for students to pick. As indicated by the Dental Arts Grants Committee of UGC rule, 107 courses have been proposed to schools and colleges.

The UGC board additionally offered the particular schools and the Universities to pick the optional courses themselves even the predetermined subject they picked may not be present on the list of the board made. It is noticed that affiliated educational institutions need to get authorization from the Academic Council of their particular association as it were.