Why is Email Marketing Important For Universities?


Here are some interesting stats about University Email Marketing –

  • 72% of the millennials consider email as the preferred means of communication with a business?
  • An Email Statistics Report by Radicati says that 3 billion people will use the email by 2020!
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, an average ROI of $38 is expected by the marketers.

Surprised by the facts?

Email Marketing far from being an outdated mode of communication. These stats reveal the significance of university email marketing and its long-lasting impact.

So what are you waiting for?

In the era of a digital revolution, when everyone is active on the internet, the consequences of ignoring email marketing can be massive. The email marketing for academia must be an integral component of the digital marketing mix of the universities to maximise the reach.

Every student opting for higher education uses a smartphone and studies show that 73% of people of age from 18-24 check their emails on phones.

Thus, it would be unwise to ignore the potential of email marketing for colleges.

This article shows the need for email marketing in higher education and how it helps colleges in attaining their admission goals. Let’s see why a university should consider email as the best channel of communication with students.

1. Broadens the reach

Through email marketing, the institutes can not only reach to the prospective students but also parents, alumni, faculty and mentors. Though it belongs to the classical school of thought, emails are more likely to get checked as compared to social media accounts. It is a quick medium to reach the growing pool of applicants.

2. Increases the admission numbers

Taking admission is a significant decision with huge money and time at stake. By dropping a relevant and useful email to your prospective students, you can build trust and increase communication with them. For example, by including CTAs (Call-to-action) at the end of an email like urging them to take a tour of campus, or select the alternative or enrol for a course, it is possible to boost the admissions rate.

3. Offers the chances of segmentation

Email marketing empowers marketers to segment their target audience based on geography, demographics, interests, grade point average and test scores. Once segmented, you can create specific emails for distinct categories. For example, you can mail a student emphasizing how his high test score gives him the privilege to choose your institute. Further, you can create an explicit email campaign for domestic and international prospects.

4. Have a profound impact on the personalized approach

Students tend to respond more on tailor-made emails as compared to the standard ones. With a customized subject line and content, it is possible to grab the attention of prospective candidates. For example, if a student has filled interest in hospitality management on the form, you can send emails mentioning the various courses in the hospitality management offered by your college and career prospects in the said domain.

5. Ensures the delivery

A paramount concern! The other forms of marketing suffer from the lacuna of the real audience. It is difficult to measure if your target has seen a physical advertisement or a hoarding. However, email marketing doesn’t require intermediaries. It directly hits the inbox of your potential student.

6. Creates a brand image when used at all the levels of the recruitment funnel

It is possible to develop a brand identity while you drop customized emails at all the levels of the recruitment funnel. The email marketing in universities can be adopted for prospects, inquiries, applicants and admitted students. By registering your powerful presence at all the levels, the institute ensures greater visibility. This strategy is quite helpful in improving the admission numbers.

Take Away

Email marketing proves to be a strategic step when it comes to increasing the diversity, profitability and quality of the admissions in the institute. The statistics say that 53% of the students find email messages from colleges highly influential and 80% reveal that such emails contain reliable information about the institutes.

So, it is a high time to gear up and devise a dedicated email marketing campaign for your institute. Remember it’s now or never!

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