5 Content Optimization Tools For Students To Write A Thesis


Thesis writing can be a terror dream for students because it requires plenty of research and tremendous formal/academic writing skills. A thesis is a bundle of documents based on your years of studies in a field. It needs to be detailed, well-researched, and unique. Therefore, exceptional efforts and great tools are required to write a thesis.

In today’s discussion, we will be seeing five content optimization tools that can help you write unique and acknowledgeable content for your thesis. This list will be including a paraphrasing tool, rewriting tool, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and text summarizer.

So, without wasting time let us tell you these content optimization tools that can directly or indirectly help you in thesis writing.

5 Content Optimization Tools For Students

1. Paraphrasing Tool

In thesis writing, you may come across situations when you run out of ideas or you want to add something to your content that is already written somewhere. In this situation, paraphrasing can help you to rephrase your content without altering its actual intent.

Therefore, taking assistance from a paraphrasing tool helps you to rephrase your original content in different ways to make it unique and readable.

You can take some pieces of text that you want to add to your thesis and paraphrase them online to reword. The rephrasing tool changes the words with their alternative words and changes the sentence structure to make it unique.

It helps in making the content plagiarism free so you can use it easily in your thesis content. Additionally, you can also paraphrase text to enhance the readability of your thesis with less effort.

A paraphrasing tool can also enhance vocabulary and word selection. You just have to paste the text into a paraphrasing tool and select the required mode if available. Hit the paraphrase or submit button, and you will get the rephrased text within seconds.

We paraphrased a paragraph using a paraphrasing tool by Paraphraser.io. Here are the results:


2. Rewriting Tool

There is a major difference between paraphrasing and rewriting, people usually consider them the same. Rewriting is about only picking the idea and writing it in your own words whereas paraphrasing is about changing the words and restructuring sentences. A rewriting tool can help in optimizing content by removing plagiarism from it. Moreover, you can use someone’s thoughts in your thesis in other words.

The content rewritten by a rewriting tool is highly readable and precise. It not just removes plagiarism from the content but makes its flow and delivery better. If the similarity index of your thesis is high, rewrite the plagiarized text with a rewriting tool to decrease the similarity.

3. Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism-checking tool can indirectly help in content optimization because you cannot paraphrase or rewrite content without knowing if there is plagiarism in it or not. Hence, a plagiarism checker plays a part in making the content for the thesis optimized.

A plagiarism checker free matches your thesis with all online resources and detects the plagiarized text in it within seconds. Besides this, it provides a detailed plagiarism report with percentages and the actual source of the matched text.

You can then cite those sources in your content in order to prevent plagiarism and make your thesis 100% unique and original.

We checked an article for plagiarism by using plagiarism checker free by Check-plagiarism.com. Here are the results:

4. Grammar Checker

An online grammar checker can also help in content optimization for the thesis. Errors and omissions are unacceptable in thesis writing. You may face resubmission or even rejection for poor grammar usage. An online grammar checker can detect misspelled words, wrong parts of speech, and irregular punctuation marks.

Some grammar checker highlights different types of mistakes by highlighting them in different colors. Moreover, a few grammar checkers can correct all the detected mistakes with a click of a button.

5. Text Summarizer

There are many components of a thesis in which a text summarizer can be used to make them more optimized and user-friendly such as the acknowledgment section, abstract, related work, etc. In these kinds of sections, you need to write concisely and to the point because of the specific word limit.

An online text summarizer takes lengthy content and generates a precise of it in seconds. It eliminates unnecessary words and phrases from the sentences. You can then copy or download the summarized text into the local storage of your system for future use.

We summarized a paragraph through summarizer.org. Here are the results:


These were the five content optimization tools for students to write a thesis. As a student, you should avoid plagiarism, write unique content, make readability high, and use correct formatting while writing a thesis. Try out the following tools:

  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Rewriting tool
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Text summarizer

Hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the read!


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