5 Writing Tips for Social Media


Today, everyone has the opportunity to express on social media. And, you don’t even have to be a great writer in order to find an outlet for creative expression. No matter what your level of writing skill is, you can still find an audience.

However, when it comes to institutional writing or developing content for any university, you need some tips to gear up your communication style and its styling. With a little more passion in your writing, you can make the target audience feel emotionally connected to your academic brand and can inspire an appropriate call to action.

Let’s see what these important tips are:

1. Simply Unleash

Begin by just unleashing your thoughts on your notepad. In the beginning forget about proper syntax or structure. It’s important to push outward whatever is there in your head. Editing will follow later.

After you are ready with the first draft, re-read it for refinement till you feel satisfied. Once the necessary corrections are done, make the content live. Do not forget to add a suitable call to action and other stuffs like hashtags and/or tagging people etc.

2. Write for a layman 

Not because you are incapable of producing a writing masterpiece but because this approach forces you to write clearly. Avoid using jargons and terms that can alienate your readers. Also, refrain from using the most over-used statements.

Across the web, your readers will appreciate content if it makes good sense to them. So then, write from the readers’ perspective.

Words that paint a picture in your reader’s mind will generate maximum eyeballs.

3. Your social media writing should be purposeful

Always keep focus on the target that you wish to achieve through your content copies. From email writing to blog posts or any social media post, be clear on the purpose. What call to action you want your target audience to take, should be clear beforehand.

Social posts usually create top-of-mind recall. It builds purposeful engagement around your brand by generating likes, shares, comments etc.

So, write not only to create noise but to raise a purposeful outcome.

4. Create a sense of success

Show a sense of success to your prospective students. After all they are putting big stake in your academic brand. With every creative copy of yours, the prospects should feel motivated and encouraged to join your Institute.

Lead your readers through the campus journey and the milestones it offers to build a successful career. Use short sentences to say more. Allow your readers to create an aspirational image about your College. It helps them to feel the pride of joining a prestigious Institute later.

5. Use pictures to enhance the words

Give power to your words by using pictures. It is often believed that, a picture is worth 1000 words. Of course, pictures enhance the words.

When writing, search to find related content to create important inputs for your writing piece.


Try these small steps to make your social media writing more effective and relevant.

Publish your expertly written posts to all the major social media channels for reaching out to your target audience.

Which other tips do you follow? Please share with us in the comments below.