Adamas University and Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) Inked an MOU for Innovation and Growth in Media and Communication


Press Release:

Adamas University School of Media and Communication, located in Kolkata, recently formalized a partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the esteemed Public Relations Council of India (PRCI). The aim of this collaboration is to work together in pursuit of common interests. The signing ceremony was graced by Prof. Akash Deep Muni, the Associate Dean of the School of Media and Communication, who enthusiastically highlighted the numerous advantages that would stem from this cooperation.

The MoU was inked in the distinguished presence of Prof. Shauvik Roy Chowdhury, the Registrar of Adamas University, and R.N. Mahapatra, the Senior Executive Vice President of PRCI. The Public Relations Council of India holds a prominent position as a nationwide forum, actively creating opportunities within the public relations field. One of its key objectives is to establish a strong connection between industry and academia.

With this collaborative agreement in place, students can look forward to a host of benefits. The MoU will pave the way for exciting internships, engaging field visits, and various other activities that will significantly expand the range of opportunities available to them. This partnership between Adamas University and PRCI is set to create a meaningful synergy, nurturing talent and enhancing the learning experience for aspiring professionals in the media and communication domain.

The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Professor Suranjan Das, Founder and chairman of PRCI, Mr. M.B. Jayram, along with Mr. Chinmayi Pravin, President of the Young Communicators Club, and Dr. T. Vinaya Kumar, Secretary General of PRCI and pan India chapters, were virtually present to celebrate this milestone. Dr. Ashok Panda, State Head and Mr. Arijit Majumdar, a senior member of PRCI visited Adamas University and appreciated the institutions for their combined efforts to plan various events in the coming times. This MoU paves the way for exciting possibilities and a brighter future in the world of media and communication. 


Both institutions are looking forward to the fruitful exchange of knowledge, resources, and experiences that will benefit students and contribute to the advancement of the field of media and communication in India. The goal is to enrich the educational journey of students and make significant contributions to the progress of the media and communication sector in India. This Memorandum of Understanding establishes a firm foundation for a dynamic and productive collaboration between the two institutions. It serves as a testament to their shared dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of public relations and media, fostering an environment of growth and achievement.

Swati Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Adamas University, Kolkata